HubSpot Marketing & Sales Automation Consulting

I'm a business technologist who’s excited about using HubSpot and its various integrations to help organizations automate the tedious and make work more enjoyable.

Let's discover the full capabilities of HubSpot together!

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I'm Kristeen Romero, a "HubSpot Imagineer"

I am a HubSpot Specialist at RedPandas Digital, Co-Host of GPT with Me, and the Owner of Hey Hei Ops, my own little HubSpot and business automation consultancy.

Based in Hong Kong, I've spent 7 years supporting small marketing agencies and businesses as they scale: developing content, extending service offerings, streamlining processes, defining SOPs, optimizing reports, or training internal/external teams.

I combine my interests in business technology, low-code/no-code development, and RevOps to train teams and deliver innovative solutions for growth. I'm always experimenting with new technologies and coming up with wild ideas to unleash the full potential of HubSpot.

Tech I've Used & Integrated

HubSpot, a cloud-based CRM designed to help align sales, service and marketing teams
Make formerly Integromat, a low-code integration platform that enables automation within different apps
Zapier, a no-code integration solution
ClickUp, a flexible project management software
Databox, a data visualization & business analytics platform
G Suite
ahrefs, a powerful SEO keyword research tool
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Intuit Quickbooks

Why you should work with me

I can’t recommend Kristeen enough! Her knowledge on HubSpot is absolutely unmatched. Even though our time differences were significant, Kristeen always made sure any urgent matters were taken care of immediately. I don’t know when she sleeps!

HubSpot changed our companies operations in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Our ROI has been so worth it. Working with Kristeen was the best decision we could have made!!

Kristeen is highly technical with a brilliant problem solving mindset. Her work involved coming up with innovative and efficient Hubspot solutions that involved integration, reporting and automation to other systems and solving complex structural data challenges.

Her efforts resulted in operational efficiencies, speed to market and integration solutions. Her personality is charming, positive and she is keen on exploring and understanding challenges

My HubSpot Superpowers

  • HubSpot Setup & Admin

  • Custom Integrations

  • CRM Reporting

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Set Up HubSpot Your Way & for the Long-Run

I love how customizable HubSpot is. But let's face it: things can get out of hand reaaally quickly. Duplicated custom properties, assets without descriptions, disorganized files, reports not working, tons of manual data entry and clean up - the list goes on! 😵

I've planned, managed and implemented HubSpot onboardings for a variety of B2B companies in manufacturing, fintech, education, healthcare and more.

I can help build your portal up from scratch, optimize what you already have or consult on sustainable CRM practices.

Xero Alerts Summaries

Connect Your Most Critical Apps Together

Even the best integrations in the HubSpot App Marketplace don't do everything you need to. That's where custom integrations come to play. 🤝🏻

While I'm not a full-on developer, I do know enough about APIs and webhooks to build you custom no-code/low-code integrations with Make or Zapier.

Whether you need a weekly notification that gets fed into a Slack channel, time usage notifications within your project management software, a way to automatically merge contacts based on phone number and so much more, I've got you covered!

Patient Bookings Dashboard

Build Beautiful & Actionable Data Visualizations for Your Most Important Metrics

Dashboards can be boring. They can be intimidating. And they can be challenging to build, especially when you just can't figure out how to make a metric display a certain way! 😠

Choosing the right visualizations, colors, sizes,  elements, and titles is an art of its own. Having the technical knowledge to get that displayed your way is a niche skill too.

I've crafted multiple dashboards over the years within HubSpot and on Databox, fully customized to my clients' business.

My Portfolio of HubSpot and No-Code Solutions

20221120 revenue forecasting


Forecast MRR on HubSpot even without an Enterprise subscription.

20221127 hs sales display 3


See your team's total closed won amount on a kewl pixel display.

ClickUp Custom Time Notifications Thumbnail


How to warn your team when they're using too much time on a task.